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Good Mood brings you and your family a special SHARING PLATTER for family or group of friend.

REUNION APPETIZER A special appetizer with different dishes (grilled shrimp, garlic butter bread, fried spring rolls, fried squid, salad) arranged together. What is happier than being with those you love and sharing delicious food, interesting stories. BOOK TABLE NOW! Hotline: 0899 500 088 #goodmood #family #restaurant #district2 #diamondisland #football #worldcup #appetizers

FROM THE SEA – SEAFOOD COMBO A special seafood combo with different dishes (Seabass fillet, mussels, scallops, tiger prawns, squid, salad) arranged together. Best seafood is next to your house!

FROM THE LAND – MEAT LOVER A special meat combo with different dishes (Aus Rib eye steak, lamb loin, chicken sausages, grilled chicken, grilled veggies) arranged together. Best meat platter is next to your house!

BOOK TABLE NOW! Hotline: 0899 500 088

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